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HP 5800 VLAN problem

I have inherited a network that uses a H3C HP 5800 as the router. I am very familiar with how HP implements vlans, routing, etc. This unit is a different animal. I'm trying to come up to speed quickly but having a bit of difficulty. The 5800 has a 16 port sfp blade that connects all of the switches. Vlan 5 contains the existing switches, servers, appliances. I have to keep it this way due to the existing addressing that would take too long to change to something more logical. I have created vlan 10 for lan connected traffic, vlan 20 for wireless and vlan 100 as border (default route). I have my admin station plugged into 5800 (port 25), untagged for vlan 10. I can ping the router ip and vlan 10 DG and vlan 100 DG. My problemis that I can't ping any switch connected to 16 port blade. I tried tagging all ports for vlan 5 on the 5800 and then tagging the destination port on vlan 5 on a downstream switch but still can't ping the destination switch. I know this something simple but i can't put my finger on it. Caps attached.
Thanks for any help.
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If possible I would try to connect a pc in place of a switch with same config as that of a switch: IP 10.0.y.x  mask: gw: connected to untagged VL5-port.
This is to rule out that some config on your other switches pose problem.
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