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Does MS Network Load Balancing NLB incur downtime when adding more servers vs F5 LB

If I currently has 3 Win 2008 servers under MS NLB & wishes to add another
Win 2008 (another Web IIS or App HL7 servers), does this require downtime
or it can be done seamlessly on-the-fly without service downtime.

I heard F5 LB doesn't require downtime & is seamless, is this true?
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Link below indicates downtime required with NLB changes:

Downtime required for configuring NLB is quite short (about 5 mins) but if it is production I suggest to take it down for 1h or more if environment is more complex. NLB requires also changes in AAM, DNS and some testing:)


A highly available system reliably provides an acceptable level of service with minimal downtime. To provide high availability, NLB includes built-in features that can automatically:

Detect and recover from a cluster host that fails or goes offline.

Balance the network load when hosts are added or removed.

Recover and redistribute the workload within ten seconds  <==
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