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multiple monitor help

I am using an XFX Force 6870 Radeon card to run 5 monitors. OS is Win7Pro. Everything had been set and working fine until I "borrowed" a cable for a test on another machine. When I put the cable back, oh, brother, have spent the last 30 minutes reorienting the monitors. One of them is a Hanns G and it is being weird. Regardless which resolution setting I use, it appears fuzzy. I remember having to dink with this monitor when I initially set up this machine, but cannot remember what I did to make the sharpness and clarity come back.  Fonts are a little fuzzy looking.
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Hanns G  is HG191D and the cable is regular cable using an adaptor to go into the cards digital slot.  This has been working fine until I bothered a cable.  Now can't seem to get the resolution or display to be clear, fonts look fuzzy, no matter which resolution I use.  Currently using 1600x1024, have tried several below and above that setting.
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if this is your display, then the resolution should be set at the native 1440 x 900.
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that res isn't in the list.  I think the resolution is being set by teh card or maybe the nvidia driver?  The list has 15 or more resolution options, the nearest are

1600x 1200
It sounds like the monitor is not being correctly identified by the computer.  I'm not sure why that would be, since you have used the same setup previously.  

Reinstalling the drivers might help.

You could try connecting with a DVI cable instead of the VGA and adapter and see if the results are different.  

I would also check the monitor settings, go through the menus using the controls on the monitor itself.  Some monitors have a setting for using as a "TV" vs. connecting to a PC.  Another thing to look for is any "scaling" or "aspect ratio" settings.
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design725, it could be due to using an nvidia card to driver that monitor?  The Radeon card is running 4 monitors. The 5th monitor is the one giving me trouble and I just remembered it is running on an nvidia card.  Seems like there was something funky like this when I first set this all up.  I'll try the driver update on the Radeon card and see if that helps.
There could be some kind of conflict between the 2 different cards.  Unfortunately, I haven't had any experience with such a setup on a PC.
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Wow, yes, it was the connection at the card. The cable is using an analog to digital adapter and I guess that was being finiky. When I unplugged and replugged, it decided to find it's correct resolution options.
I did suggest switching cables previously, but I'm glad you got it working.