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password from cleartext to encrypted


I have to send a password to a webservice and it will save it as an encrypted password while creating the user, not hashed, in the aspnet membership database locally.

How do I convert the cleartext password into an encrypted password to send it to the SQL sproc?

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Are you writing the web service, in order to authenticate a user?
Obviously, there are many different schemes for 'encrypting' or protecting passwords; some are more secure than others

For secure password storage in your application,
I would recommend BCRYPT,  using eg.

Or PBKDF2 using Rfc2898DeriveBytes

If you need to interact with a webservice that someone else wrote,
then you would need to know exactly what password/credential storage mechanism
they are using,  and what rules they are using to derive passwords they store,
in order to be able to provide a password in their internal format.
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Yes, it's my webservice.  And the encryption is the passwordformat=2 of the usual aspnet membership logic.  The site already has encrypted logins, rather than hash, so the usual Microsoft encrypted mechanics is what i need.
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