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Samba Problem on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Can anyone help me with Samba not reinstalling properly? The "root problem" is when I decided to uninstall it completely because I was having configuration problems and felt I had lost control of the smb.conf file. I "totally" removed everything with apt-get, plus I deleted all the /etc/samba configuration files thinking that when I reinstalled it with "apt-get", everything would come back like a fresh install. Well, BIG SUPRISE! no configuration was installed. the "/etc/samba" directory stayed empty. I have not figured out how to get the Samba installation back with all its parts like "nmbd" and "winbind" and who knows what else I need. It would not even write log files in "/var/log/samba" until I manually created the log directory.

I finally got Samba to run by copying the config files from another server. The probem is, I don't know enough about "nmbd" and "winbind" to manually configure those, and possible other things missing. I see the binary of nmbd in "/usr/sbin".

I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times. But, it will not set the system up like it did before I installed it the first time. How do I make the system "clean" so the install process will install all the pieces including the configuration and startups in init.d? I cannot find enough details to configure this manually, and how to make the "start", "stop" and "restart" process work either.
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