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Add disposition column

Dave, Thank you for the code behind "Make All Positions Automatically using Fuzzy Logic (beta)".  It is fantastic!

From what I can tell, the button on the file in this related thread is mostly correct https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/27783318/Expansion-and-further-implementation-of-Rule-in-Excel-file.html.

It will be difficult for me to sort it out fully until a disposition column exists as well as some others.  We probably need all the columns in unit to appear in the positions instead of doing a description column. Not to put that in was a mistake on my part. Also needed is the rule that a Debit value is a minus and Credit value is a plus and refers to the value cell or cells above it.

I think at this stage, we should start with the "Disposition (D) Column".

We should change the Strategy Index column from Si to I and add a Disposition column D after it. That column should reflect the disposition per these rules https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jX9DSUTURBJ6sTdwFGff80a-jdgCyLivzXg2AcLZpdE/edit?pli=1.

If you choose a different direction at this stage or think one of those other things we discussed should be done first, then  that would be just fine of 'course.  I am very grateful for your assistance!
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