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FireFTP: How Do You Create a Desktop Shortcut to It?

This should be simple but it has me stumped. Is there any simple, easy way to create a shortcut to FireFTP on my desktop?

I use IE, Firefox, and (mostly) Chrome browsers, if that makes any difference.

I've used the search option to find anything with FireFTP on my computer and no go. I've done this before to find programs that did not install with a desktop shortcut option and successfully made shortcuts.
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Absolutely great! Easy to do (although I'll have to say I couldn't find the answer page no matter what expression I used in Google)!

Fast reply, to the point--the way Experts Exchange should work at its best.

Thank you very much!

(PS for anyone who reads this: Google "FireFTP logo" and you'll find a lot that you can resize to  16 x 16 and use for your desktop shortcut.)