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win7 won't register in win2k3 dc server dns

I have a dual win2k3 dc server configuration running dns and dhcp for my network.  Everything seems to be working except that win7 will not register in dns.  My xp machines that also use dhcp register just fine.  

I can access servers, shares and printers using win7.  I just can't access my win7 machine by name across the network because the dns entry is missing.

OBTW, the reverse lookup is actually updated!  It's only the forward lookup that is missing.

IPv6 is disabled.  The win7 nics are configured to register in dns the same way the xp machines are configured.  Issuing start \\servername to the dns server works just fine so credentials are good.  Event logs show no issues on either win7 or dns.  

Help?  Thanks...RG
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