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ID field

I screwed up and got a 1and1 hosting package... while I look for a company that really is a hosting company I need to setup an ID field in a table.

Anyone know how to do that with a MS package.

What does not work:

Indicate it is a key field
Name it ID
Give it a "numeric" type
Uncheck Nullable
Check Id.
Leave Id. start and Id. seed at the value 1

Click create
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what is this in regards too? (lanuage? program?)
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be more descriptive in your question please its hard to understand what you are trying to say. what  I can get out of it is,

name = id?   // the name should be the name of the field such as "fullname" or "lastname'
id = another name // this can be the same or if its a radio button then its numeric
value = what you want to pass as the variable like name = "fullname" value = "Chris"

I hope this helps
I am following the instructions on one and one on how to create an ID field but it is not working I didn't know if anyone knew of a quirk  with the system.
That info is talking about a database.  A table in that case is a set of fields that contain data. You would use mysql, ms sql, ms access or another type of data to follow those instructions.  

An html table looks like below.  In that case, to create an ID you just add "id="someText" in the <table> tag.  Also in the table you might find the width, padding etc.

Which type of table are you talking about?

<table id="someText" width="500" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="3">

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Thank you