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Remote Desktop Service and file sharing?

I have a client who is running Server 2008 with TS / Remote Desktop Service. She can remote into her machines just fine how ever she asking if it's possible to just share out the Data share on the server and map it to her local computer off site once shes connected via TS/RDS.
I hear it's possible but I don't know enough about it. She basically wants access to those files so she can copy them to her local machine. Kind of like a drop box setup...but using TS/RDP mapped drives.

Thanks in advance.
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In the remote desktop connection settings goto local resource tab, then more and select to make local drive(s) available
Also works to print back to local printers
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make sure you have the version 7 client installed on the client machine

and that you haven't set any policies to block the pass through of local devices
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I agree with  cpmcomputers. Choosing what resources on the local machine you want available will be the best bet.

However; depending on the connection those local resources can a little slow.
Not going to argue with a Master :-)

But ( for information) this does work with V6.0 as well
I run version 6 and it does work pretty good I should upgrade to 7
If you want to make use of the new features as described and have the required o/s ?
Thousand apologies s/be Guru not Master !
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I have all the options enabled via RD however I cant copy files from the server to her local machine.
Not to mention File and printer sharing do not work, the printer is listed and it acts like it sends the print job to the Q but nothing prints. It is a wireless HP 8600
What operating system is on her local system ?
Windows 7 pro
try this to see if it resolves the drive issue - seems to be a common issue

Sometimes, when you been forcely disconnected from the RDC session, you cannot use copy and paste features between your host and remote host on the next session. For those who are facing this problem frequently, we need to reset the rdpclip.exe and rerun again. No need to restart the server remote server
To do this, login to the remote server via RDC and open Task Manager. Find rdpclip.exe > right click on it and ‘End Process Tree‘.
After that you need to restart again the process by opening Task Manager > New Task > type ‘rdpclip‘ > OK.
In windows 7 RDP Client -Can you check the "clipboard" setting under local resources tab?
This seems to offer a more permanent solution ?

On your RDSH server please open Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration (tsconfig.msc), double-click RDP-Tcp.  On the bottom of the Client Settings tab verify that Clipboard is unchecked.
Please also verify that rdpclip.exe is running in each session, whether the session hosts RemoteApps or a full Desktop.
I am rebooting the server, so far none of the suggestions above seem to work. I can remote in no problems, I can open documents etc etc.

I can not:
1. Print to the local printer away from the office.
2. Copy a file from the server to the local computer.

I see the printer listed as a remote printer when I select it to print, it acts as if its printing but never hits the Que. I am wondering if this is because its a wireless printer. I have it shared out from the local computer and nothing seems to work that way. Printing locally works just fine.

That's why she just wants the ability to see her Data drive on the server and copy files from it to her local machine.
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No problem with me

Pity the inbuilt Microsoft RDS option has been found wanting here

But if web-rocket has a solution he is happy with thats all that matters

Best wishes
This is what resolved the issue.