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Teaming NICs

I have an HP Proliant DL380 G4 Server running Windows Server2008 R2. The server has two NICs. Should I consider teaming the NICs? Are there advantages? How do I set up teaming? This server serves up to about 200 clients at a time.

Thank you!

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File server or just basic networking services? (DHCP, DNS, etc..), usually if it's not borke don't try to fix it, are you having bandwidth issues?
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This is a new setup. We bought a new server and are upgrading to Server 2008. We did have bandwidth issues in the past with the older proliant that also had two NICs but was not teamed.
Teaming can give you greater bandwidth depending on the teaming method and if your switch supports the teaming method.

Teaming can also be used to increase availability in the event of a switch port or NIC port becoming faulty.

I usually Team all HP servers,  with each NIC going to either a different line card if a chassis switch, or a different switch if a switch stack.
As mentioned above teaming give you good bandwidth and high availability but if you are planning to install exchange or any cluster service do not try teaming.

It is recommended to have 2 NICs in Exchange DAG.

if you already configured teaming then just add an additional network card for the replica network if you are planning to install exchange
What tyope of switch do you have if your looking for assistance with setup?
while teaming can cause issues with any clustering service, this is due to "out of order" issues from incorrectly configured teaming drivers.
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I am having trouble getting the server running properly. I will work on this issue once that is solved.