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RDP Access issues on Mac OSX

I currently have an issue with Remote desktop connection program for Mac not connecting to terminal server. It gives an error about a problem with the licensing pool. I have double checked, they are installed per user cal, and using RDP from a windows machine works perfectly. Any adivse?
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Are you using the MS RDP program for the Mac?  If not, give that a shot. Unless you have to do something in the Windows version to connect, I've found that the defaults on the OS X version will connect you right up.
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I am using RDP for Mac. That is the program i am having an issue with. No resolve from Microsoft. RDP 6.1 and Mac connects fine, it' sthe 7.1 on this server.
I've not been able to find anything pertinent on your question. I use the 2.11 version of the MS RDP for the Mac and , although it says that it's NOT compatible with Lion, it does seem to work OK...If you are running Lion, I suppose that the version on the server may have just tripped over some bug that finally makes it not work. And even if you're not running Lion, I suppose the same thing may be true.

Specifically what error are you seeing?  I don't think that I've had any kind of license error since moving to the 2003 licensing scheme several years ago.
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Microsoft Issue. Had to call tech support to resolve issue.
Also Microsoft released to us a special RDC version and it actually works!!!

Message me if you want a copy