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I cannot type a lower case "X" but can type an uppercase letter on a Win 7 laptop

I have a Dell PRECISION laptop  runniing Windows 7, 64 bit. After many years of no trouble, suddenly, I cannot type a lowercase letter"X" but I can type an uppercase letter "X". I know it is not the keyboard because I remapped the letter "X" to another key and the same thing happened. Therefore, there is a problem with just the lower case"X"  and it is something other than the keyboard.

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So, you turn on Caps Lock, hold down a Shift key, press X and it enters an upper case X instead of x ?
did you install some programs or updates?  test by uninstalling them
if the problem is recent, try a system restore
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To Darr247-- Caps lock is not involved. I have it off, and it did not get turned on accidentally. If I touch lower case "X" nothing happens. WHen I press shift and "X" I get an uppercase "X".

Nobus-- I have not installed any new software. On Saturday, everything was OK, but on Sunday, after I booted, the problem surfaced.
If you need to type x until you get a new keyboard.

Please on the Number key pad.  type while holding down  ALT  0120

I believe you may have a bad keyboard?

UNplug replug/ switch ports/ update driver/

to check if it is a keyboard problem:
try typing the "x" letter inside BIOS Setup at any parameter like dell tag or asset tag or any parameter you can type on.
if not possible you can also try by boot from linux live cd or from usb flash
and then inside the live OS type the "x" letter
another option will be to reboot into windows safe-mode to check if it works typing the "x" letter withing safe-mode.
So if you could type the lowercase x with any of this methods now you now it is not a keyboard problem, otherwise it is.
If it is not a keyboard problem then definitely it is a windows problem or a conflict with any other software installed so then the solution will be eather restore system, unistall recent installed software, recent installed driver, recent windows update, recent third party update, or at the end doing a factory reset (using the recovery cd/dvd etc) or reinstalling the whole windows.
update: you can also boot into Advanced boot options by pressing f8 before windows boot>> chose "safe mode with command promt" and then try typing the lowercase x
OK, I'll say it another way...

Step 1) Turn ON the Caps Lock

Step 2) Hold down a Shift key

Step 3) Type the X key

Now, did it make an upper case X, or did it make a lower case x?
did you read the 2nd sentence focusers ?  "if the problem is recent, try a system restore "
Good insight!  When Caplocks is on, and I press shift and X, I do get a lower case X.  It looks like you are on to something. What is neXt?

System Restore had been turned off.
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