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Add printer

Why on earth this code wouldnt work on a client computer but it will work on my computer IF I directly run it from visual studio?

        public static extern bool AddPrinterConnection(string pName);
        public static extern bool SetDefaultPrinter(string printerName);
        public void printers()

            string printername = this.ListBox1.SelectedItem.Text.ToString();
            bool result = AddPrinterConnection(@"\\Servername\" + printername);
            bool resultdef = SetDefaultPrinter(@"\\Servername\" + printername);


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Randy Downs
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Maybe it's a permissions issue. Try running on client as admin.
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Yes, the client is a local admin on the PC.
Is there any otherway to do it without going trhough WMI? How can I manage using my code to get it to work?
Maybe this will help

I believe this is possible via interop to native win32 APIs, but I've found its much, much easier just to use a System.Diagnostics.Process() to call into printui.dll via:

rundll32.exe printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /?
I tried that too but I still cannot do it from the client side on the website.
Can the user add a printer through the wizard?
Does your code work if you try it via the web on your machine? Same O/S as the client that fails?
Yes but only from visual studio
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Randy Downs
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