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Email delivery issues

I'm having a problem with delivery to one email domain. I enabled logging in IIS and this is what I get when I try to send to this domain:

2012-07-09 08:34:07 SMTPSVC1 myserver 0 HELO - 250 0 44 21 0 SMTP - - - -
2012-07-09 08:34:12 SMTPSVC1 myserver 0 MAIL - 250 0 42 28 0 SMTP - - - -
2012-07-09 08:34:18 SMTPSVC1 myserver 0 RCPT - 250 0 29 25 0 SMTP - - - -
2012-07-09 08:34:35 SMTPSVC1 myserver 0 DATA - <> 250 0 129 20 11078

After that nothing... No further logging messages and the message is not delivered.

Any ideas?

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have you checked whether there are issues with the recipient. also, have you done an RBL check to see if you are on a blacklist.>>>>
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The recipient receives emails from other senders.

No blackilists at all. But I do get 4 timeouts.

Please note that the recipient is under my control, both the email account as well as the email server.
Hi, as i understand that your mail server is working fine except with one domain, right?!
ok then:
1- can you tell me which email client are you use to send email?
2- and then, do you have web mail link?! if yes then try to send to that domain from the web portal and tell me the result
3- last if its gone from web mail , then tell me
if not then simply its not your prolem, its the remote domain configuration issue
I sent email with Outlook as well as using telnet to send directly to the email account. No errors during the telnet connection, I get "Queued mail for delivery".

I also used webmail to see if it receives the email but it goes to the spam folder or something; it does not...

I control the remote domain also, it's a web hosting account I have under my control with cPanel.

Oh and I forgot to mention that I also receive "#< #4.4.7> #SMTP#" errors about delivery of the email message after a while.
Also you can try conect to the SMTP server from cmd:

telnet 25
Sending via telnet works:

220 Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service, Version: 7.5.7601.17514 ready at  Mon, 9 Jul 2012 11:34:01 +0300
HELO mail.mydomain.eu250 Hello []
MAIL FROM: admin@mydomain.eu250 2.1.0 OK
RCPT TO: info@mydomain.eu250 2.1.5
DATA354 Start mail input; end with <CRLF>.<CRLF>
A test email.
250 2.6.0 <> Queued mail for delivery
Is a SmartHost your SMTP sender?

What Antivirus do you have installed?
I don't think so but how can I check this?

A note: There is a peculiar DNS config for this domain:   A   A   MX

The is the IP of the "normal" server, the A record was created to redirect requests for the website (which had to be on a separate server).
I think that the DNS records configuration is right, because the telnet test was succesfull.
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Sorry, did not see last message.

Checking now.
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Sorry for the late reply, I've been extremely busy during the past few weeks.

I'm looking into this, will see if anything works out.

I'm not using a smart host.