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Small Business Server 2003 to Office 365 Migration

Hi All,

We are in the process of planning an Office 265 email migration for a small business, from an SBS 2003 server.

I have come to the conclusion that a 'cutover' migration, or a third party app must be used for the actual migration as we will not have 365 Enterprise licenses.  Where the confusion starts is with single sign-on, an I right in thinking that if we implement AD FS 2.0 for single sign-on then we will still need to rely on the old SBS box, and also need a Server 2008 R2 box for AD FS to actually sit on?

Many thanks in advance
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Hi, you can install the client application of the Office 365. With it the user was logged in Office 365 and he can access  to the mailbox.
hey  SBS_Guy_2012,

just to implement active directory federation services you need to deploy a minimum of 6 servers, here is the ADFS guide  This isn’t possible with a SBS.  This link also breaks down the federation servives minimum servers needed

As far as migrating the email from the sbs2003 environment I would recommend using, its fast and you move whatever you need to move not like the Microsoft tool where it moves everything.
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Thanks all,

If I can't use FS with SBS, is there a way to achieve single sign-on?
unfortunately no this is a requirement of single sign on.
Even more confused now :-)

Seems the suggest here that you can use 2 existing servers for under 1000 users:

Doesn't look like the full scale FS set up is needed just to achieve Office 365 SSO, or am I missing something?

Thanks again
yes this is very vague but the 2 servers are for NLB, then you need to add the proxies  which is what adds up to the 6 server minimum.  Federation services is no easy deployment.  Either way you have an SBS so you dont have 2 DC's plus 2 federation services plus one for load balancing plus the proxies needed.  6 servers minimum
Thank you very much for your help, I've come up with this short action plan, could you please let me know if this is the correct process, this is our first 365 migration... :)

Set-up Microsoft Office 365 account
Add users and domain name to Office 365
Use MigrationWiz to populate Office 365 mailboxes from existing Exchange
Re-point MX record to Office 365
Re-point Outlooks to Office 365
yes everything looks good,  the last step of re pointing the outlook clients to 365 I would recommend you delete the outlook profile and recreate it, this seems to be the only sure fire 100% way it works every time.  I know it says to just run the 365 config wizard but it really doesnt work like that,  if you'd like to see personally what I mean do one client with the wizard and then do another the way I'm saying by deleting and recreating the outlook profile.  Other than that everything else looks good
Great advice, thanks again. I take it when users log into their machines in the morning, and then open Outlook they will have to re-enter their 365 password?  I'm looking at MessageOps 365 password synchronisation tool to keep the passwords the same.  Other than that I'm much more confident now, cheers :)
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