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Product Key for MS Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server

I am running SBS2011 which came with a 6 month trial of MS Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server.  Now the trial has expired, I just want to buy a product key and activate it.
All Microsoft Website routes seem to point to contacting a Microsoft partner and buying a product key from them.  I have contected 3 partners (from their pinpoint site) and they are not making this easy. Standard answer seems to be "Give me all your details etc and we will get back to you with a quote within 14 days!!".  This is ridiculous I just want to buy a product key over the phone with credit card ready and activate my already downloaded and installed product. Can someone please tell me the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to do this.  Much obliged. Thanks.
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From what I can tell, you have to purchase the license from a partner; doesn't "appear" that MS sells it directly.   If you haven't tried them, give CDW a try. We buy a ton of stuff from them and have always been happy with them.
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It's a technology sales company... started out life as Computer Discount Warehouse and has evolved into CDW, that sells mostly to corporations/small businesses, but also to individuals.  We've bought from them for years and have had a good positive experience. I'd give you the contact info for my sales guy, but unless you're in the Midwest of the USA, I'm not sure he could sell to you...they have areas that they cover.
This product is a standalone or purchased within a wider suite of products
All from Microsofts distinctly and easily understood licensing channels as usual

As a standalone it is apparently a per user per month subscription model
How many users do you need it for ?

as above, depends where you are based geographically
Well I'm based in UK. I am running a small SBS 2011 server with only 10 CALs. Now can someone tell me who to call?  Microsoft said 'Call a Microsoft partner'.  I have now called 6. None of them have either responded yet or they've said they don't take credit cards or they aren't interested in a one-off Product Key request.  Can't believe MS make it so difficult for a willing buyer to buy their software.  I'd expect to be able to do this online, but apparently that option doesn't seem to exist!
Uk based is good I will check the options and get back to you

The product is licenced on a per processor model or per user per month

You would think the trial would have a buy now button
Go and ask for a quote. Most will come back to you within a day or two.
I don't know if CDW sells in the UK, but you might give my guy a shout and ask;

Ryan Wadsworth :
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Did you get this sorted ok?
This took nearly a full two weeks to resolve but I now have product installed. I definitely have the impression that Microsoft don't actually want to sell product, they make it so difficult!