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Exchange 2010 unknown database,

hello all,

i have exchange 2010 SP1 with multiple  DAG cross site deployment  for connectivity issues primary data center fail and the fail over switch during recovering the Main data center the database stat converted to unknown also dismounted i try to mount it i receive this error .

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Sounds to me that you lost some log files. Did you recently move the exchange db's?

Can you see if the temp.edb and tmp.og files are present? There should also be a CHK and JRS file.

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no i didn't make any changes to db also all log files healthy and good but the data base has dirty shutdown
Can you try eseutil /r "databasename.edb" to see if you can do a soft recovery?

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When the main datacenter failed, do you follow the correct procedures to initiate a datacenter switch-over, as outlined here -

still can't mount database even after try to use the hard recovery but all log files is good and healthy can i use them to built new database ..

is there capability to move mail boxes from offline database to mounted database
Can you please answer my question? Did you initiate a data center switchover using the process in the link I provided?

sorry  ,  yes i do but let me tell you about big mistake happens

i have DC1 ( primary )   and DC  ( Fail over ).

we try to do test for site resilience

DC1  Fail
DC2  started and  db mounted , now it's time to recover  DC1

the  Exchange admin   run : Stop-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup  to the DC1 and of course he should to run   : Restore-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup

i try to fix it as possible and  DC1 is up

now  the problem with the DB cant mount because of this screen

User generated image
i try then soft recovery and derangement  the DB  and hard recovery  still wont mounted

so , is there any  check to make sure that dc1 no responding  regarding to fail over

i run also  show started mail box and dc server's started  also i create new DB and mounted in the DC1  but  still the old DB wont start..   PLz Advice , Help, THanks
Are DC1 and DC2 your Exchange servers? Are they also domain controllers? Running a DAG member on a DC is not supported.


DC is physical site  wich include

2 cas server's member in cas array
2 mailbox server's member of dag1

dag is  member server  only .
OK, so I understand your environment, you have two sites; DC1 and DC2. You have two DAG members in DC1, with a DAG named DAG1. In DC2, you have how many DAG members of DAG1? Are you able to mount your databases on a DAG member in DC2? Is your DAG in DAC mode?

When DC1 failed, did you run "Stop-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -Identity DAG1 -ActiveDirectorySite DC1" on a server in DC1, then run "Stop-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -Identity DAG1 -ActiveDirectorySite DC1 -ConfigurationOnly" on a server in DC2 BEFORE you activated the database copies in DC2?

When DC1 failed, did you run "Stop-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -Identity DAG1 -ActiveDirectorySite DC1" on a server in DC1, then run "Stop-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -Identity DAG1  ActiveDirectorySite DC1 -ConfigurationOnly  yes

 also i have the following error after the DAG 1 Destroyed , there is no DAG any more

User generated image

i hade this error  after soft recovery failed  , i make the hard recovery and it success with this
Operation completed successfully with 595 (JET_wrnDatabaseRepaired, Database corruption has been repaired) after 67.49 s
also i run
eseutil /ms    success
eseutil /d    success
then i try to mount the DB   i recieve this error

User generated image

then i try to run this command :-
isinteg -s (SERVER) -fix -test alltests
result  this :
isinteg -s ruh-mail1 -fix -test alltests
Databases for server ruh-mail1:
Only databases marked as Offline can be checked

Index  Status       Database-Name
  1    Offline      MDB-01
  2    Online       PF DB1
  3    Online       Backup
Enter a number to select a database or press Return to exit.
You have selected MDB-01.
Isinteg cannot initiate verification process.
Please review the log file for more information.
what should  i do .