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jquery sorting name list

Hello Experts,

In Wordpress template i am using the magic fields to insert guests name.

<span>Name 1</span> <span>Name 2</span>

I am looking for a way to sort this list by alphabetical order with jQuery giving each starting letter a new div with its letter.

something like:


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Jon Norman
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Hi JonNorman,

Simply genius!!!

One simple question if you can help tune it.....
I have above your script (your solution) the code above. Now the problem is that it continues in all the spans so for example the first name is B is red. How can i edit this so it applies per letter gorup e.g. A, B.. I hope you understand me :-)


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What this does is working on the divs that are direct children of #addToHere - $("#addToHere>div"), it finds all of the odd spans -.find("span:odd") and adds a class "red" - .addClass("red"). Then the end() reverts back to the previous objects -("#addToHere>div"), finds the even spans and adds a class "blue".

The odd ones are the second, fourth etc - this is because it is 0 based.
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You are jquery Ninja :-)
Thank you so so much for all the help and thank you for explaining how this works.