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internet status monitor

Hi i was wondering if anyone can recommend a free software that monitor internet status? I just need a small little icon in the task tray that shows some sort of indicator (perhaps a change of color) when the internet goes down. Thanks.
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i need something in the task tray for windows xp.
Is there some reason you can't use the icon built into XP?  If you don't see it, look at this:
It tells me if i have connection to the network but does not tell me if my internet is down. I want something that instantly tell me if my internet is down or a report that shows the time it was down.
This tool might be worth a look:

If that doesn't work, what you probably need is a similar tool that will ping an address regularly to ascertain the status of your Internet connection.  Levels of sophistication will vary, depending upon whether you want logs (to prove you have a flaky connection, for example), or just a status monitor.
not exactly what i'm looking for but thanks.