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Simple BCH encoder/decoder


I have seen many implementations of a bch encoder/decoder but they go beyond what i think i need. We have a biometrics fingeprint system and are trying to just store the checkbits as the template. I was looking in java to just to code a simple bch or error correction code for encoding looking for errors and the decoding correcting those errors. A case of adding up values and then dividing but i am not sure what values?

thanks for any help

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Why do you think you need an Error Correcting Code for a fingerprint ID system?

What sort of errors are you expecting?

These sort of codes are used where errors arise from noisy transmission and/or faulty storage.  They are not helpful for sensor/source errors.
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We have to be able to store just the check bits of the binarised fingerprint feature extraction so the check bits are stored as the template this has to be done using bch codes and we can do fingerprinting and iris systems even use existing codes and a gui is no problem but a bcd encoder/decoder
Bch encoder decoder I meant not BCD and it seems quite complicated using generator polystyrene and alpha I have algorithms such as Peterson Massey which does the decoding but how you put that into a program code I am not sure
Error Correcting Codes are complicated and computationally intensive.
They are also very powerful.

If you really need to use them there is no simpler substitute.  But I don't see why you need to use them in this case.

What operational or business advantage do you hope to gain?
Noise immunity?  Cryptographic security?  Obsfuscation?
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