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Collect Data at established port between server and client server

Dear Expert,

I write a server/client php script for socket communication based on the reference link at
And I used  same server address( and port number(10000) in server.php and client.php for socket communication
The client.php is running on my home PC xampp server. And it is  no issue at all and the connection is establish and server socket is keep sending out  non-stop message to client
such as "welcome you.." from my remote server site .And Client just receive the message and echo out on window console without stopping that is what I want to do.
Now I go to check netstat command on window and see
Port 10000 is still active and report two address, For example,
         Local Addresss                      REmote Adress      
TCP   Established

The Local address is my home PC  ISP provider address.
So Two address location is doing socket communcation without stopping.
Just want to know, Could I use other new C or PHP or Java program to
connect(or Direct Acess)  the establed communication port and grab the data or message such as"Welcome you ..."

I tried to use php  socket and set socket address for ISP address as   but socket connection error "connection is refused " 
Suppose what data is coming to my ADSL device on home PC, I should be able
to collect all data stream by other new applcation, RIght ?
The error whether it is related to Firewall or WIndow system issue ? Web Proxy is not working because the data is raw data not http repsonse data. Charles or Fiddle is http proxy only could NOT grab raw data for my case.
I google it , found there is similar topic like Window 2008 server DirectAcess or VPN
but it seems not easy to understand for me

I try  one application for drect access I/O  at but the application is not working at all  when type the established port number 10000

 Please advise and hope you understand my this testing example for collecting data
from establish communcation port on my home pc
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I need to download from google or it is already in Window at command line?
THanks for your link;

where I should put my ISP adress port which I want to collect the data on the Wireshark ?

Please advise

Yes, i see it when chose my  the correct adapter card
By default, you collect all traffic.

You can then filter to see only traffic to your server based on IP address, for example. The syntax for filtering is the same as for "tcpdump", which you can google for.
That is what I want for a long time.
 Is the software,  wireshark providing source code C for reference
and further development purpose  for users ?
If possilbe, provide us the similar other software with source code C provided

Please advise in this thread

The source code is on the website.... Click on Develop, Browse the code. And: