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post AIX 6.1 TL6 upgrade Oracle issues

We have an AIX 6.1 that was upgradded from TL4 to TL6.
after the upgrade we started to see Oracle issues that we used to have after CPU increase was done in the past and we had to increase oracle memory to fix the issue.
All Oracle support docs say that the error we had is due to increase in CPU_Count.
although our SA say that we did not do such thing.
Will the 6TL upgrade be the culprit (have changed the way the CPU,Cores or thredas seen by the OS or the app)?
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will topasout -R detailed show me if we had that or not?
Yes, it's under "CONFIG".

"SMT" will show "ON" or "OFF", and the number near "LP"
will tell you the number of logical threads.

With SMT = ON this number is either twice (SMT 2) or four times (SMT 4)
the number of configured Virtual Processors for that LPAR.

This number can in turn be determined with "lparstat -i", next to "Online Virtual CPUs".
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The SA says that the service pack level was

and we used to have SMT4 even before the upgrade.

Anyother ideas?
Also yes this is a P780.
Would you mind describing more details of your issue?
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Great thanks