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I am stumped, cant use "Save As" with word files.

I can honestly say I am stumped with this one.  Dell Desktop, Windows XP SP3.  Plenty of HD space free, 3 GB memory, Dual Core processor.  When I open a Word file and click on "Save" it works fine.  When I click on "Save As" I hear a generic "BOOMP" sound indicating an error and then Word crashes.  No error message, no warning just a loud noise and Word closes.  Nothing in Event Viewer that points me in any direction.  Started happening a week ago.  Not sure if it is related but when I bring up the print menu in the same file the scroll bar that is normally seen is missing.  I can use the scroll wheel to scroll between printers but no scroll bar.  Excell seems to be working fine.  Here is what I have done so far, (not in exact order.)

1.  Recreated normal.dot
2.  Removed any Office startup items.
3.  Removed any Word startup items.
4.  Disabled or removed Add-ins from Word.
5.  Tried performing the same functions under another account and it persisted.
6.  Created new account and tried under new account and it still persisted.
7.  Ran MSCONFIG and disabled all startup items and it still persisted.
8.  Booted into safe mode and the issue still persisted.
9.  Deleted HKCU --> Software --> Microsoft --> Office--> 12.0 -->Word
10.  Deleted HKLM --> Software --> Microsoft --> Office--> 12.0 -->Word
11.  Uninstalled Office 2007, rebooted, reinstalled and issue persisted.
12.  Uninstalled Office 2007, deleted folder from C:\program files, rebooted and reinstalled Office and issue persisted.
13.  Ran winword /r
14.  Ran Office Diagnostics.
15. Ran Repair from Add/Remove.
16.  Removed all printers and print drivers.

Bear in mind, this list is not in order.  Just a list of things I have tried.
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