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Convertc .doc, .xls, .jpg, etc to PDF automatically in exchange environment?

Hiya folks.

We're looking for some sort of plugin that can be used, hopefully on our Exchange 2010 server, or elsewhere if necessary, to convert assorted documents to PDF automatically as items are delivered. These document types would include almost any image type (png, jpg, tiff, bmp for the most part) as well as doc, docx, xls, xlsx and txt.

Currently all of these are run through our Faxback server for document conversion. This is increasingly burdensome as the volume grows and makes a movement to VOIP faxing impossible because VOIP faxing tends to be slower.

I'm asking this in my capacity as an Exchange Admin, but our department head is a CF programmer, so any suggestions for something he might be able to do at the web server level (our core app is a Java web app) would also be welcome.

Thanks in advance,

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Try Persits AspPdf -
Don't be put off by the ASP bit - it's an active X component, which can be accessed by Javascript, VBScript or possibly even CF (I presume it can use Active X, but I don't know for sure)
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Thanks Cyber-spy, Checking it out now.


Looks nice but it really only coverts html--> PDF. What we really need most is XLS-->PDF and jpg/tiff-->PDF. It does lots of other cool stuff, though.
OK, how about pdfWriter from CutePDF -

Here's some sample code to convert a Word doc to PDF using it -
Thanks. Our code guy is looking into it...
Thanks guys, but I haven't had any luck with suggestions made in this thread. We're looking at a product called Active PDF now and it looks like that may be a fit.
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As much as I appreciate the attempts, nobody proposed anything that led to our answer. Active PDF was out there, I found it via Google and eventually folded it into our work flow.