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Query to get the Number of users for each Topic.

Hi all,

What I need is a query that will show the total Users who have Completed each Topic/Question.
these are my tables:

ansID, questionID, userName, AnsStatus, ans1, ans2, ans3
qID, qNum, q1, q2, q3

topicID, topicTitle, topicType, case_stem, modID, notesToOwner, topicOwner, categories, DueDate, quesID, topicStatus
Note: modID i another table where I grab the module name that is on a form with a dropdown.  I don't care about the module name for this solution.
Basically the way this works is that all students are presented with topics and questions.  The only time I capture the student username is after they have submitted the topic and answered the questions.  I am using Active Directory FBA login.  I didn't want to enumerate hundreds of users who log on and and then add them to SQL Table ,so I came up with this system.  Not great but it works.
So all students who log onto the application see all topics and questions.  

This is what i have that grabs the number of completed answers by user:

SELECT uName,COUNT(anID) As "TotalCount" FROM tbl_answers
Where ansStatus = 'Completed'

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then I have this query that when user is selected from the above query I get this:

SELECT topicID, topicTitle, case_stem, topicType, qID, qNum, q1, q2, q3, questionID, anID, uName, an1, an2, an3
FROM  topic_Unit, tbl_questions, tbl_answers
WHERE tbl_answers.questionID = tbl_questions.qID
AND tbl_answers.ansStatus = 'Completed'
AND topic_Unit.quID = tbl_questions.qID
AND tbl_answers.uName = @uName

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This query also gives me the total topics that a user has remaining:

SELECT topicID, topicTitle, modID, dueDate, moduleName, quID
FROM topic_Unit, tbl_Modules
WHERE tbl_Modules.moduleID = topic_Unit.modID
AND topic_Unit.dueDate  >='6/27/2012' AND topic_Unit.dueDate <= '7/24/2012' 
and topic_Unit.quID not in (select questionID from tbl_answers where uName= @user)
AND topic_Unit.topicType = 'conf' AND topic_Unit.status = 'Available'
Order By topic_Unit.dueDate Asc

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the above works great, but now I need to show
topicTitle: | total users |  Status

I want to group by topicTitle (distinct) if possible to get all the topics by name.
Some title will be dupes.

thanks for the help!
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8/22/2022 - Mon

Would it be possible to post a small script that creates those tables and adds some sample data to them?  Data types and field content are really important for this type of question...

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Gus Koutsivitis

great!  They both worked.  Seems the results are correct.  The second query I get an error with the "First" function.  I replaced it with MAX or MIN and it worked!

thanks for your help!!

I'm glad it worked, success with your project! — (°v°)
This is the best money I have ever spent. I cannot not tell you how many times these folks have saved my bacon. I learn so much from the contributors.