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How to export readable vector format from Actionscript 3

I am building a web application that includes an online flash-based design studio for a company.  The design studio will be used by customers to create, upload, and manipulate text, bitmap images, and vector objects for onscreen display.  This display, when saved, will be converted to XML data for retrieval of saved designs via actionscript later.

Once a customer completes and submits a design, however, the company wants this design to be converted from the online SWF output to some type of format readable by Adobe Illustrator and/or Adobe Photoshop (some designs will be vector, some raster, and some both).

What is the best practice for creating/exporting this type of format for my customer?

Here are the steps for clarity:

1. The customer uses our online design tool to create a design (via flash runtime)

2. The design gets saved to our server by converting the actionscript objects to XML formatted data (this process is subject to change, it's just the best we've come up with so far...please advise if you have a better idea.)

3. Once saved, we need a way for Illustrator or Photoshop to read the design data.  Basically, some way to convert the data to EPS, PDF, SVG, or some other file type accessible by these programs, whereby some editing can occur as needed.

Number 3 above is where we need some serious help.

If you have any answers or leads for us, or if you believe there is a better way to appraoch this, please help.

Thank you.
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Thank you.