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Mac not able to see shares on the network - invalid username or password

I have a small Windows 2008r2 Active directory that is mainly Windows PC’s with a couple of Mac’s connecting to a file share on a Windows 2008 r2 server.

After working the last couple of months with the file share today one of the macs was unable to connect to the share giving the error invalid username or password.

To troubleshoot this so far I have:

   -Rebooted the Mac.
   -Attempted to log into the file share using a different network account
          +This did not work initially but after the third attempt I was able to access the file share with the alternate credentials but when I unmounted the share to try to the users original credentials I was unable to use either set of credentials and have not been able to access the file share since that time

   -Changed the users password  to ensure that it was matching the password in active directory

   -Checked the file share to confirm that permissions were set correctly

   -Confirmed I can ping the File Server with the network share

   -Confirmed the File Server can ping the Mac from the server

    -Confirmed the other Mac’s on the network are not having this problem.
    -Attempted to connect to the file share with both the IP address and server name.

    -Attempted using the login credentials for connecting the file share in the form:

    -Synchronized the clock on the Mac to match the clock on the file share server

    -Gone through the Mac password keychain and deleted all references to the network share

The Mac itself is running version 10.6.8.

I am not that familiar with Macs and am not sure where to go from here in terms of troubleshooting why the mac cannot connect to the network share. Any suggestions or ideas would be a big help.

Thank you
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In the finder try command-K and add the address of the server.


Open in new window

and see if you get a list of shares for that server.
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Although it's not necessary for the Mac to be joined to the domain, if it is, try unbinding it and then rebinding to the domain.  However, even if it's not, you should still be able to enter run the credentials in the format DomainName/UserName (which you've indicated that you've done); has anything changed on the Mac, the server, or with the user?
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On the Mac itself the last updates were on 7/3/2012 and it was turned off for the weekend though it is usually left on.

No events of note in the event logs on the file server and the last updates were 6/26/2012.

With the user the only thing of note is we changed his password yesterday though apparently on Friday of last week he lost the connection to the share on the server until he rebooted his computer a couple of times then it started working again.
is it possible to have another user log onto the Mac and attempt to access the share?
I logged into an alternate profile on the Mac and was able to connect to the file share without issue with multiple network accounts. So I am guessing whatever is going on has to be related to the users local profile on the Mac.

Interstingly when I added the user to a local security group on the Windows File Server he was able to access the file shares without issue which is serving as a work-a-round but I would really like to figure out what is preventing him from using his Active Directory credentials.

Any ideas on where where to start looking?
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