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Ugprade Fedora 12 - LAN and WAN not working

Hey Guys,

Am very green with Linux so be gentle with me.  Have a Toshiba C665 running Fefora 12 (Kernel Linux GNOME 2.28.0

The LAN and WAN have never worked on this (installed quite a while ago)

Where should I be looking and what should I be updating.  Please keep it simple.


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Before upgrading, it would probably help to get at least one of the network adapters working.

See what the ethernet adapter is by running
$ lspci
from Terminal (Applications->System Tools->Terminal)
And possibly the wireless adapter will show up in that, too.

If the wireless adapter doesn't show up with lspci, try
$ lspcmcia

If one or neither show up with either of those commands, possibly one or both are disabled in BIOS.
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Thanks will have a look at it when I am home.  appreciate the help
If I believe in system specs your system has fairly common realtek network cards.
You will have better success updating to Fedora released after your laptop.
Have had success with the LAN.  I have also run through drivers for wireless and while it now recognizes the Realtek device, it comes up as inactive and I can't see a way to activate it.  I saw some suggestions that the network connections isn't the best way to manage wireless and to try something different.. Any suggestions for either???

# yum install wlassistant

After installation, you should find it at/near the bottom of System->Preferences (Wireless Assistant)... no idea why they didn't put it in Applications->System Tools or even Applications->Internet.
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Have installed wlassist but wireless device still inactive.. So won't find any network.. Am I missing something obvious??
If the NetworkManager service is installed and running, you should be able to right-click on its panel icon and see that "Enable Networking" is checked.

User generated image
Note the GNOME 3 used by fedora 15/16/17 does not look like that.
It should have another tick mark ´enable wireless´ ant that has to be ticked too. The biggest problem is that your distro is older than your machine. it may work with Fujitsu or Lenovo, but unlikely with anything else.
Where is it saying Inactive?
If you mean in
# system-config-network

User generated image
If you mean there, it says 'inactive' until you connect to an SSID.
Hey Darr247 - you are right with your last post.. that is what I have, but when I open the wireless assistant  it finds no networks.

Believe it is an issue with version as firmware is not installing.  Trying to rectify but my limited linux knowledge is a hinderance.  and now I have managed to stop the LAN from working.

oh well... keep tinkering along... thanks for the help guys
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