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difference between hostname and domanin name

I am new to networking world and I am trying to find out the difference between hostname and domain name. I have a list of hostnames and I want to find out if they belong to same domain - is there a way to find that?

for example example.com could be domain name and sme.example.com could be a hostname?
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Thanks allenvoice. I also have another question. I have a list of application name or hostname and I want to find out if they are from same domain name. Is there a way or tools that will give that information? Answers are appreciated.
Michael Ortega

Technically, in your example, "sme" would just be the hostname. "sme.example.com" is what we call the fully qualified computer name or hostname as it sits on a domain.

Think of things in the form of a hierarchy. You domain name is just that...a name that represents the entire security/active directory domain. Its like a container that represents all computers, users, groups, etc.

A hostname represents a single computer object in that domain. If you are looking to see if your computer is part of a domain you can simply view that information in System Properties on the computer in question.


in system properties I saw my computer has domain, is this something like my computer name is hostname and why all parts of my domain name is not called domamin name only the last part of that name was host name -

Question from a customer so I wanted to get back to him the correct answer - They have purchased certain licenses for application and it is limited to only 3. But they can add a finite number of host names to that application if they belong to same domain. So I have a list of hostnames that they gave me how can I find out if they are from same domain or not. I asked the customer and they say some of them share the same domain. I want to find out what in that list that share the domain and what in that list is a separate domain.
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James Murphy

Are you able to log into the Domain Controller and have a look at the list of computers in the domain and compare?

If you do not have an access to this domain, just ask the customer to qualify the list and include information which host belongs to which domain.

In the scenario you are describing, it sounds to me like the software has the ability to search the network to see if there are other instances of the software running.  I have a CAD program that does this, as only one computer needs to have the USB fob, and that allows them to have three instances running.  They technically can have many installations, but only three will run concurrently.  

Anyhow, the manuals and whitepapers describe this as being part of the same domain when they really mean it scans that particular subnet.  It just happens that most companies only have 1 subnet in their network (subnet mask of and a single gateway, so the term Domain is generally the entire local network as a whole.
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Hi tsaico

Thanks for your response, if I understand you correctly you have a software that can detect the domain name from the host name, if yes can you let me know how i can get that software.

I did try to install cygwin and there is no luck - I could not get to run dig.exe from bind as well. I am in a very desparate mode to get a tool and try to see the difference between hostname and domain name,

Domain Names are the unique name that identifies an elemental identity,who may be single person or a company, on the Internet. Domain Names always have 2 or more parts seperated by the dots. The leftmost piece is the most specific part while the right part is the TLD or Top Level Domain.. Lets disect a domain name so you can see what were are talking about.
A hostname is  assigned to a device connected to a computer network and that is used to identify the device in various forms of electronic communication such as the World Wide Web, e-mail or Usenet.
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Walt Forbes

Thanks hassanwarriach for your explanation. How is the host different from applications? Can you provide examples for your explanation. Thanks!