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How do I prevent a user opening the shapesheet or accessing/setting shapedata?

My vsd file is shape-rich and all shape functions are driven programmatically.

The user is provided with the programmatic functions of Visio Premium, which he accesses by dragging and linking shapes, and by responding to menus provided in vba UserForms. The client must not get any access to underlying processes.

Top of the list: how do I:
-prevent the user opening shape, page, and document sheets,
-prevent the user accessing 'open shapesheet' and 'data' options from the drop down menu that is actuated by right-clicking a shape.

Thanks, Kelvin4
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Many thanks for this start. Kelvin
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VisioGuy: I wrote this follow up question. It is live now if you wish to see it. Thanks. Kelvin

I need to customise my MS Visio (2010 premium) ribbon. Significant change is needed - especially hiding items and groups. Addition of buttons would be nice, but UserForms will provide most of the user's interactive interface.
I've received useful advice from the visio sector:

      "It looks like you can hide built-in groups and items. Here's one article that talks    
      about doing it with Excel:

      This link gives you  
      a spreadsheet full of all the command ids (idmso) for all of the Office apps. I think
      this will help you to find the ShapeSheet buttons and turn them off."

This requires a significant amount of learning, which I'm upto. But I also need to understand how the customised product will work for my USERS.

I'm concerned that my USERS end up locked out of standard Visio with the standard Ribbon.
So my question is about being able to routinely run Visio (or say excel) in one of two setups:
1. As shipped from MS
2. as customised by me.
Arwe code examples available so I can build... to enable the 'USER' 'toggle' between the two ribbon types, and so use the office application for both generic and 'customised' purposes?

 'USER' would be a non-technical author: hence my vague term 'toggle', as flipping between two ribbon-types would need to be pretty easy.

If you ask "do you want to have the application using either ribbon set-up almost seamlessly?" The answer would be: "NO, though 'yes' would always be nice to have if the scripting overheads are low".

I have accessed: 
"Deploying a Customized Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar in Office 2010"
but would appreciate your overview.

Thank you.  Kelvin.