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SQL Server Agent Job Notifications Not Working

have SQL Server 2008 R2 have various profiles setup on database email and can send test email fine from all profiles. Have enabled mail profile on alerts for sql server agent to use database email and selected email profile. Operators have been created which have been setup to notify if scheduled backup jobs fail that are jobs under sql agent.

the problem i have is that no emails are being sent if job fails

have set notify to send if job completes successfully and still i get no emails.

what is required to get these job notifications working
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I agree with EugeneZ.

I found that I needed to restart SQL agent.

This may not require an outage if there are no "business" jobs.

Right click on SQL Server Agent->Properties, click on alerts, check the box to enable mail profile and select the correct profile. Make sure you have fail safe operators set up and enabled if needed. Click OK and restart the agent
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this did resolve the the issue and notifications are now being sent from the SQL Agent Jobs