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Ghost application in alt-tab

We have a client computer (Windows 7 Ultimate) where when you use alt-tab to switch between apps, shows a generic application icon in the list of running apps. You cant switch to it, nor tell what it is. There are no other applications running in task manager. Is there a way to see what this application is without having to one-at-a-time turn off all the start-ups? BTW, assorted malware/virus scans all come up clean.

Thank you.
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Sounds very much like malware, if it ain't detected with the common tools it can mean that it's simply something new in the wild (yay?). As it also won't show up in task manager sounds like it is using root-kit alike technologies to hide from task manager. There are loads of tools to detect rootkits, in the end it'll prolly be faster and safer to just format the HDD and reinstall the system.
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Thanks Kyodai,

Although I can't rule out some new rouge malware, it would be doubtful. We do a LOT of virus/malware removals and are pretty good at removing them, or at the very least verifying that they are there. I saw someone else post off EE that they had this issue and it ended up being the Dell Management application. This is a Lenovo, and I ruled out the Lenovo app. This particular customer has a lot running on this computer. I',m pretty sure it is just something he loaded. I am hoping to find a way to just see what this is without spending a lot of time doing the stop app/service/process, reboot, go to step 1 thing.
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Went back to original trial and error method, which found the solution.