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unable to access the share by FQDN

I have Windows server 2008 where one of share can be only access by hostname or IP address but not with FQDN

this server is stand alone. not part of any domain.

FQDN is defined in the DNS server to resolve to the right ip address.

Please advise.
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It sounds like it is not registered in DNS or is registered incorrectly.  Check DNS and ensure that it has both an A record in the forward lookup and a PTR record in the reverse lookup.

Have you checked the clients to ensure that their DNS is the same as the one you verified?

What is the exact error you receive when you ping the FQN?

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the issue is only to the local server.
soon as type \\fqdn, its prompt for the user name and password. I did type the right username and password. its says wrong username and password. i used the same user name and password to login to the server locally.

when i go to another pc and type the FQDN share path its working.
When you do that, it is checking your credentials on the client not on the server.  When you enter the user, use servername\username.  It will check the credentials on the server instead of the client.  

Alternatively, make sure the username and password on the client are the same as those on the server.  Then, it should store the credentials on the server and allow future access as long as server security permits that...RG
I think i didn't explain right.

Here is the issue.

actually i am on the server and tried to access the local share using the FQDN. (This is where the folder is shared)

when I tried to access the share from another computer using the FQDN its works.
Okay, do the share permissions permit that user access?

everyone have read access.

i checked local permission and network permission. both are fine.

I don't see this related to permission as I can access from another pc.
I asked about share permissions specifically.  Does Everyone have read permission in the share permissions?

In a non-domain system, a user on the server and a user on another sytem are totally different objects.  Access from one doesn't equal access from another because each account is local to that computer.

From your description of the problem, it seems to be a permission problem since the credentials are rejected.

If you ping the FQDN from the server, does it ping the correct IP?  ...RG
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Well, I guess a security update could do it too...  <grin>  Good job finding that one...RG
fixed my self