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easy(?) CL question for ubuntu

totally new to linux and CL generally, on background.

i'm using ubuntu, and i've used wine to install text-to-csv converting software that can be run from the command line.

Question 1: I'm converting very large text files into csv and i think it'll go faster if i use the command line. will it?

Question 2: How do I do that for program that's been installed on wine? The converter software has been installed by wine w a link on my desktop, and the converter's help file states this:

"The program can be controlled by the user interface
(GUI) or by calling it from the command line. When
called from the command line the file path must match
the OS conventions and the used file format. The file
paths are separated by spaces. If a file path contains
spaces, it must be enclosed in quotation marks. For
multi file processing the wildcards '*' or '?' can be
used in the file names. With the button 'Save
configuration' a configuration file with the current
settings is produced, which later can be used, when
entering the program from the command line. The
configuration file has always the file extension '.ccf'
(CONVERT configuration file).
Syntax and examples:
CONVERT <input file> <output file> [<config. file>]
CONVERT c:\post\a.dbf c:\post\a.csv c:\post\d2c.ccf
CONVERT "c:\a b\a.dbf" "c:\c d\b.csv" "c:\e f\d2c.ccf"
CONVERT c:\post\*.dbf c:\post\*.csv c:\post\d2c.ccf    "

So basically, how do I call up the program and use the CONVERT command? Pretty basic I think... but I can't seem to google the right combination of words to find the answer. Even if using the program from command line doesn't speed up the job, I need to know how to do this anyway so I can convert multiple files at once.
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It won't go faster using a command line. It's the same program executed.

To call a Windows program through bash, use:
$ wine {path to Windows program} {parameters to Windows program}

Regards, Tobias
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