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unmatched ) in regex

I have a tag in an xml document of:

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that I want to replace with

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when the code gets to here
if ($rec =~ /<DOI>(ceeec.*)<\/DOI>)/i)
    $doi = $1;
    $doi =~ s/$doi/http:\/\/dx\.doi\.org\/10\.6483\/$doi/;
    $rec =~ s/<DOI>.*<\/DOI>/$doi/;

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I get the message
Unmatched ) in regex; marked by <-- HERE in m/<DOI>(ceeec\.\*)</DOI>) <-- HERE /
 at line 26.

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Any advice on the way to properly solve this?
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#or maybe
$rec =~s#(?<=<DOI>)(?=((?!</DOI>|http:).)*ceeec)#
Well it's just as the error message states:  you have one opening paren:


but two closing parens:

... .*)<\/DOI>)/i...

One of those either needs to go away, or you need to add another opening paren.
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This got me to the best solution for my problem.  Thanks!
$rec =~ s#(<DOI>)ceeec(.*?</DOI>)#$1$2#i;