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How to Backup OST to PST?

Hello Experts,

I would like to get some advice in how to backup my ex-employee's mailboxes. I was thinking to create a profile and open their entire mailbox (including contacts) and then converting it into a .pst where any project manager could open.

Is there a better way to do this and how? I was also wondering if this is the best way, if there is a easier way other than manually dragging a dropping the mail, contacts and calendar I would love to know.
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Wgat version of exchange? What version of Outlook?

You can of course just open Outlook and select (Depending on version of outlook) File -> Import/Export and export the entire mailbox to a single .PST file.
If it's Exchange 2003, you can use ExMerge to extract PST files. If it's any version higher, you need to use the Export-Mailbox –Identity <mailboxUser> -PSTFolderPath <pathToSavePST> PowerShell command to export PST files from Exchange directly.
"If it's any version higher....."

Wrong. Wxchange 2010 SP1 onwards does NOT use that command.  Its why I asked what version BEFORE posting commands that would confuse someone.

Explains for EX2010SP1+
FYI Export-Mailbox still works on Exchange 2010.
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I have Outlook 2010 and Exchange 2007. Can you suggest what commands to use?
I don't see the import/export option under file.
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You have Exchange 2010 WITH SP1 or above AND use Export-Mailbox ??

Your very clever!!
The Exchange Management Shell has the Export-Mailbox cmdlet. Perhaps I should have clarified this.
You have Exchange 2010 WITH SP1 or above AND use Export-Mailbox ??
What's better to do...export to .pst or archive? Does anyone know if either techniques backs up the user's contacts?
SP2, and yes. Just tried it. Maybe I'm a special case, but it's always worked for me.
Interesting. I have just tried it in 4 different forests and get the same result on all 4.
The term 'Export-Mailbox' is not recognised.......

As i would have expected as per the Microsoft documentation explaining it had been replaced.
Anyhow, Back to the question in hand, sorry katredrum.

I would be tempted to just Rename the mailbox to something more meaningful,  Disable its ability to recieve ANY incoming emails and then give your selection of users access to it as a secondary mailbox. That way you dont need to export/import anything.
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If you have outlook 2007 go with this option

Click Tools -> Account Settings -> Double click Email account -> More settings -> Advanced tab -> select Use Cached Exchange Mode check box -> Click Offline Folder File Settings... and Click Browse -> Browse to .OST file -> restart Outlook.

After restart outlook, Click File -> Import and Export -> Export to a file -> Personal Folder File (.pst).

For 2010

    Open Outlook 2010.

    Go to File - Open and then click on Import.

    Select Export to a file and then click Next.

    Select Outlook Data File (.pst) and then click on Next.

    Select the top folder, check Include subfolders and then click on Next.

    Click on the Browse button.

    Browse to where you want to export to and then click OK.

    Click on Finish.
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