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iSeries Email - Not working

My email is not working on one of our iSeries LPARs.

I have made sure that our SMTP settings are consistent with our other servers (email is working for those).  I have also made sure that I have a GATEWAY user set up.....

I am trying to do a SNDDST. The command comes back and says, "Send distribution completed successfully." but I never receive the email.

Does anyone have any idea what might be going on?  Any help would be very much appreciated.
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Gary Patterson, CISSP
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Follow the iSeries Email troubleshooting documentation will resolve most issues:

- Gary Patterson
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WAS it working previously? Or is this a new LPAR setup? I.e., is this LPAR doing it's first attempts at SMTP?

Be aware that SNDDST doesn't do SMTP. What it does is take a 'distribution' object and hand it off to SMTP which is completely separate from native SNDDST processing. It's only after the 'distribution' object has been handed off through the interface to SMTP services that it can become an actual "e-mail" item.

If the result was "Send distribution completed successfully", then SNDDST is out of the picture. From that point on, all troubleshooting will be in the mail server framework or in SMTP services.

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I have gone through all the standard recommended troubleshooting. Everything appears to be set up correctly.  

This is a new LPAR that hasn't had email working before. Other LPARs on the same physical server are able to send emails with no issues.
Can you please post the component journal entries that were logged the last time you attempted to send?

What is your mail server setup?  Are you sending mail directly from the AS/400, or are you handing off to an upstream smarthost?

- Gary Patterson
How would I get the component journal entries ?

I am using a SMTP server. I have the SMTP setup configured the same as our other LPARs...
Follow the email troubleshooting link I posted above.  Step 2 is Check Component Journals.

- Gary Patterson
I am using a SMTP server. I have the SMTP setup configured the same as our other LPARs...

Please clarify:  The AS400 has a SMTP server built in.  You can use it to deliver mail directly, , or you can set up mail support to forward all email to another system (a smarthost) for actual delivery.

AS400 --> Recipient's mail server
AS400 --> Smarthost (usually your ISP or corporate mail server) --> Recipient's mail server

This would probably be a lot easier at this point if you could post your configuration.  

Did you configure an email address to receive NDRs, as shown in the email troubleshooting instructions?  If so, are you getting NDRs, and what do they say?

I've solved lots of these email problems.  Unfortunately, they can have numerous causes:

AS400 configuration issues
Port filtering or firewall issues along the way
Security restrictions in place on smarthost or recipient system
System not properly configured for reverse DNS lookups (sometimes rDNS is used as a spam control measure).
System IP address is blackholed
Recipient's mail server, anti-spam solution, or mail client is filtering as spam.

There is a process to resolving these issues.  First you verify configuration.  Then you look to see if you are making a successful connection to your upstream smarthost (if used) and then to the recipient system.  Then you verify that those intermediate systems are accepting the mail.  You get the picture.

It is easiest to troubleshoot the local system first, which is why I asked you to follow the troubleshooter - including checking component journals and setting up an NDR address.

- Gary
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Matthew Roessner

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IBM solved the issue via an open PMR