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IIS7 FTP - Different home directory for each user

Greetings all,

Another FTP question.

I have set up user Isolation in my FTP server and I am using "name directory (disable global virual directories)" to ensure that vendors cannot see other vendor home folders etc.  The directories directories on the system - not virtual.

From the Inside I want IT team members to be able to log in and be dropped into ftproot so the can navigate all folders and pull files that were placed there by different vendors.

I was able to make this work but only by creating a separate FTP site and selecting FTP root directory in FTP User Isolation settings.  I had to do this because it seems that it is all or nothing - you cannot have different settings for different users in one FTP site in IIS7.

My question is...is this true?  Or is there a way to set up separate paths to user home directories within on FTP site and I'm just not finding it.

We are being forced to use IIS7.5 and it seems like you have to jump through quite a number of hoops to get anything to work the way you want it to.....
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