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Multiple folders named 'My Documents' show on file server and NAS for users of Windows 7

I have a group of Windows 7 users whose 'My Documents' folders i have redirected using a registry setting via Group policy:

User configuration > preferences > windows settings > registry > registry wizard values, then
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders - Personal is set to Z:

This gets me around the requirement to index and synchronize files between the workstations and the server storage.  However, on the Windows 2003 server and on the Samba driven NAS, the users who are thus redirected have a folder named My Documents, instead of their user name.  There do not seem to be any ill effects from this, but it is annoying not to know whose folders are whose when i look at the file system without looking at the security properties. And I suspect there are some issues that have not surfaced yet because of this.  Can anyone shed any light on this situation?  I have a attached a file as a visual.   This is a Windows 2003 single domain.
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By chance, do you have Citrix in your environment?
you should have used folder redirection rather than the registry change as this did not change everything that is required. it would have created a folder for the username and the subfolders would be underneath.
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Thanks all,

to ve3ofia - folder redirection the 'normal way' did not solve the unwanted synchronizing and indexing issue; the folders already existed anyway, did not need to recreate them.


Thanks for the best and most complete solution.