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Create an AMI for Amazon from my Win 7 x64 desktop

Hi Experts,

I want to get my work desktop essentially duplicated to the cloud, any ideas on how I could do this easily?

Win 7 x64
2 partitions on 1 tb hdd



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David Johnson, CD
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it is a rather involved process and it uses EC2 rather than AMI.  It involves making vhd's of your computer system. and uploading them to Amazon, where you will pay S3 charges unless the machines are brought online. The biggest problem that I can see comes from licensing. You would have to speak with amazon directly if their licensing agreement with Microsoft would allow this. (a user supplied license).  

Maintenance would be a nightmare.  It would be cheaper if you consider time as money just to have a duplicate computer and after you do your daily backups to have them automatically restored or sync all changes between the two machines.  You are going to have to have to have a machine to connect with your EC2 machine in the cloud anyways.

Create a Disaster Recovery Repository for your VM images

Import your on-premise VM images to Amazon EC2 for backup and disaster recovery contingencies. Store the imported images as Elastic Block Store-backed AMIs so they’re ready to launch in Amazon EC2 when you need them. In the event of a contingency, you can quickly launch your instances to preserve business continuity while simultaneously exporting them to rebuild your on-premise infrastructure. You only pay for Elastic Block Store charges until you decide to launch the instances. Once launched, you pay normal Amazon EC2 service charges for your running instances. If you choose to export your instances, you will pay normal S3 storage charges.
BYOL is supported for enterprise accounts.

The bigger problem is that Windows 7 is not directly supported in EC2.

You could set up a Windows or linux server with virtualbox (or other virtualization engine), import your windows 7 image, and run it via the virtualbox.

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David Johnson, CD
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