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DPM 2010 and Symantec Backup Exec 12.5

Dear All,

I have DPM 2010 installed on physical name iit-Backup. it was working well. it can backup both short-term disk and long-term tape.

After I installed Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 to the same physical server. I get some issue below:
       - Symantec can backup to tape
       - DPM 2010 still can backup with short-time disk. but it cannot backup long-time tape..

Do you have any solution to fix the issue of DPM 2010 backup to tape?

I'm looking to hearing from you.

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Rajkumar Duraisamy
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If the tape is used by Symantec during the time of DPM backup then it get failed.

Is that scheduled in a way that both the backups will use the tape one at a time?
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my schedule backup to tape are different date and time. it is not the same time.

DO you have any idea?
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the reason you are getting this error, because both application (DPM & BE) are trying to use the same VSS function, and this will lead always to problems, if you need a solution to your problem check this url:
Thank you for your reply.

What I noted and I was tried to do:

- DPM 2010: can backup with short-time disk. It can backup Exchange database properly every 15 min as my configuration.
- DPM 2010: having from backup to tape. So I was tried to stop Symantec Backup Exec service and restart Tape Library. then I tried to re-run backup to tape but it is failed.

Anyways it is causing by VSS, the short-time disk should be failed but short-time backup also using VSS service.

Noted: Symantec Backup Exec can backup to tape as well.

Do you have any idea?
Dear All,

Do you have any solution or idea?
i think the solution is to choose one of them (BackupExec or DPM2010) not both.
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