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Excel: Placing Values in One Column Based on Values in Another Column 2--The Sequel


Once again, I need help placing values in one column based on values in another.  Attached is my spreadsheet.  I'm trying to fill in values in column I, based on values in columns B and H.

Specifically, values in column H match those in column B.  For example, cell B8 = "CSIARK".  Cell H8 = "A989".

Since cells D10 through D18 = "CSIARK", cells I10 - I18 therefore need to each contain "A989".

I tried (in cell I2) a formula that was extremely helpful in another case that I was working on.  But, it's not working, here.

Can someone please provide me with the formula that I need?

For future reference, I wish that there were a website or something like that that explains easily how to have Excel fill in values in one cell based on values in another.  I cannot find any.  Surely, I'm not the only one who has this as a very basic business and development need!


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