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Assigning Team Members

I'm not sure what to call what I'm trying to do so hard to run a Google search on it.

I have a spot where I want to assign team members to a project.

There is an input box where I can type their names.  As I start typing their name I would like it to query the users table and show possible results, then I can click their name and they are added, then I can start typing another persons name and add multiple people.
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An example of this is something like when you add admins to your Facebook Fan page.
Jquery Autocomplete (from the jquery UI lib) Im guessing you a looking for? Will try dig up an example for you...
Ok please do, I'm really looking for a tutorial on not just Autocomplete, but how to make it behave like when you add a new admin to your Facebook fan page.
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I think #17 will work the best, but I don't see where I put in my database details to pull from the db.