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Point of Sale - initial selection recommendations

I am looking for a Point of Sale system for a small retail store with two (2) registers and a moderately large inventory. The following specs must be met:

1. Register software or app runs on iPad
2. Allows programming of two (2) tax codes and the ability to calculate two taxes on each receipt.
3. Has the ability to sell hundreds of "in-stock" items simultaneously on the "floor." While keeping tens of thousands of items in inventory.

The shop is currently reviewing a beta offering from and it is not good enough in that is fails to accommodate #2 and #3 above.

If you cannot recommend something that runs on iPad, that is OK at this stage. We are information gathering.
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Peachtree has a Windows-based POS system:  They are known for their various accounting software programs.

QuickBooks is another vendor with a POS offering:
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Why didn't you specify what information you wanted?  I would be surprised if anyone could have figured that out, based on the wording of your question.
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In review, I am confident the wording of my question was sufficiently clear. The reason for my decision was because your answer lacked detail enough to answer even item #1 of my requirements.

Does Peachtree or Quickbooks POS run on an iPad?
I think you've been on this site long enough to realize there usually has to be some back and forth between the asker and the responders in order to communicate the objective that you are seeking.  There is no way for us to know your level of expertise or understanding of the subject, and we get people who range from total neophytes to seasoned professionals.  A general response at first should be expected to narrow down the user level.

Quickbooks POS is available on the iPad using a third party software:

You can also run a remote desktop program like VNC and connect to a PC running the POS software.
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I apologize if I closed the question too soon. I think the information I posted was sufficient to close the question. I didn't see any activity and the EE site was emailing me asking if I could pay attention to the question, as it was a rather slow answer.

Regarding the client, they will not be interested in a solution running on PC when they have an all-mac shop. VNC is a great product, but of no bearing here (or should not be).

I looked at your link from the <shudder> Intuit Community and found it to be a sales pitch for a third-party called Applianz. Again no interest from the client there.

I'm sorry we could not work together on this question, but I do have two other questions open that would do well with your experience and professionalism.
Ok, if the client must have an Apple solution, then that's what they have to live with.  Accounting software hasn't seen a need to develop on that platform.
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This is the kind of response necessary to garner the points from this question. I spent almost three hours emailing tech support and doing web research.
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I spoke with another shop owner who is very happy using RingItUp, which contains all the features required above and is perfect for small businesses. This discovery kinda supersedes the need to "Develop a shopping App" as that's exactly what they did!