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You've entered too many arguments for this function excel 2010

I have a nested if

=IF(COUNTIF(Sheet2!$A:$A,$J1),VLOOKUP($J1,Sheet3!$A:B,2,FALSE)," ",IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP($J1,Sheet3!$A:B,2,FALSE)),"",VLOOKUP($J1,Sheet3!$A:B,2,FALSE)))

and I am getting the error that I have entered too many arguments for this function.

Any help?

Too give a little backgroumd on this formula....
Basically before I had

=IF(COUNTIF(Sheet2!$A:$A,$J4),VLOOKUP($J4,Sheet3!$A:B,2,FALSE)," ")

But it was pulling in a lot of NA's, even after my first filter for getting less NA's (the count if).  So I am just trying to say ok so even after the count if, if the result is still NA then show a blank.

Thanks in Advance!
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