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Old email address displayed while creating a new message in Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Good afternoon,

We have a strange issue on Outlook Web Access with a few of our users. We have an Exchange 2008 server with OWA activated. The issue orrurs on every computer. It does not matter if the computer is a member of the domain or not. It also happens while using OWA from the internet (external).

Even after a full new install of the computer the problem is still there. Recreating a new email profile on the local machine does not affect anything.

One of the employees left and a new one came in. The username is TD. The display name has been changed from the old person to the new one (Paul). The old email alias is removed and the new email alias was entered So the new guy (Paul) logs on to the domain with the same username is the old employee.

While creating a new messag to this employee, the name Paul is typed in the address to fied. The full name is suggested with the email address between [ ]. This is where it goed wrong. The old email address is displayed. "Paul Lastname (Company name) [] " instead of "Paul Lastname (Company name) [] ". When I select this shown contact, only "Paul Lastname (Company name)" is displayed. If I check the contact details the correct email address is shown.

If I logon to OWA with another user, this specific user Paul is not in the suggestion list. The other user has this with the Accounting Employee who has been change from Ralph to Ruud.

The question is I suppose, where are these suggesions saved and how do I erase this list or clean it? In outlook you only have to click on the X button near the email address or press the Delete button. In OWA I cannot find it. I can't find any options on the Exchange server as well.

Björn G.M. Maesen
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on an affected station download and run the following util

this will allow you to edit the autocomplete file (formerly nk2 file)

make the changes you need and then save. Should work for your issue.
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It probably isn't this, but just in case...  Check to see if the affected users have added these addresses to their private Contacts folder.  If they are in there, then the email addresses won't have been changed (I think), and the users may have configured their OWA to check Contacts before the GAL.
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The Nirsoft Tool does not work for OWA as far as I can see. It does not show anything when opening OWA.

Any other Idea's?
You could also clear the suggested contacts list of the contact book of the user.
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Björn Maesen
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