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The document could no be created sharepoint services 3

Hi Expers!

I have a strange problem with Sharepoint Services 3.0 and Office 2007.
There is one user who has Office 2007 (Word, PP,Excel, Outlook, Access) installed on a windows 7 64Bit parallels-vm. After Office 2007 has been installed, there was Visio2010 installed on the system.
The user has administrative privileges on the system.
Just "opening" word-documents  from this document library is woking fine. The browser is internet explorer 8 32Bit. The problem only occurs for this specific user only. Other users on the same system don`t have this problem.

Here`s the problem:
In a WSS 3.0 document library there is the problem, that the user can`t create a new file from a template (for example word-file). There is following error message:

The document could no be created.
Te required application may not be installed properly or the template for this document library ca not be opened...
1. ...
2. ...

Following steps did I already try:
- Re-Registering "OWSSUP.DLL"
- Uninstallating Office 2007 and Reinstalling it
- Setting Internet Explorers Default settings
- Uninstallation Visio 2010 (error while uninstallation)
- Uninstalled Office Tools from Office 2010 (now only the tools from 2007 are present)
- Office diagnostics

During my research I found, that the following Internet Explorer Addon is responsible for creating new documents from templates:
Sharepoint Open Document Class
OWSSUP.DLL (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12\)
Version 12.0.6606.1000

When I deactivate that addon , there is the message whoch tells that there is no program for opening new files.

Unfortunately it is no option to create a new windows account for this user because there is too much customization in the profile. I have to fix this error without a new user profile.

The newest updates for Office where installed.
I thought it could have something to with the Visio 2010 installation and the Office tool which include the addon which is used. But tryinfg to uninstall Visio 2010 always fails, so I decided to uninstall only the Office tools from Visio 2010. After that the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\ doesn`t contain the file "OWSSUP.DLL" anymore, so that it can not conflict with the file from Office12.

But still there is this issue for this single user.

Has anybody a hint how I can get this fixed without creating a new windows user profile?

Thanks a lot!
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