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Printing Nightmare

Our print spooler is going crazy and utilizing high CPU usage most of the day.

Let me explain a little bit about our environment.

We have 3 Windows 2008 R2 Terminal servers, that our users log into and use for day to day purposes (MS Office, printing, etc.).  They have multiple printers of various manufacturers (Brother, HP, Canon, OKI), so we have numerous drivers installed on our separate print server (also Windows Server 2008 R2).  I've set all the printers to use the "winprint" processor with RAW format, and I've also set them to print directly to the printer, instead of spooling.  We figured this may help with the spooler going haywire.  I've set the printers to Render Print Jobs on Client Computers, and have disabled bi-directional support (read that this can help with printing).

After making all of these changes, we continue to have high CPU usage on our terminal servers, however, the print server is fine when it comes to CPU usage.  Can anyone assist with this?  Thanks!
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