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how to remove the space in the data to get the value

I have a query

 SELECT p1.person_id
           FROM per_all_people_f p1
          WHERE UPPER (trim(p1.last_name) || ', ' || trim(p1.first_name)) =
                   UPPER ('LEJOLIVET               , HUBERT')
                AND p1.business_group_id = 1747
                AND p1.current_employee_flag = 'Y'
                AND p1.effective_start_date =
                       (SELECT MAX (pp.effective_start_date)
                          FROM per_all_people_f pp
                         WHERE pp.person_id = p1.person_id
                               AND pp.business_group_id =

the data which i am getting is 'LEJOLIVET               , HUBERT'
now when i am comparing it with UPPER (trim(p1.last_name) || ', ' || trim(p1.first_name)) =

i am not getting the value
individual last_name 'LEJOLIVET'  and first_name 'HUBERT'
is in the table
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder)

I don't think I'm understanding the problem.

Are you saying that UPPER (trim(p1.last_name) || ', ' || trim(p1.first_name))  is returning values with spaces in it?

If not, try:

WHERE UPPER (trim(p1.last_name) || ', ' || trim(p1.first_name)) =
                   UPPER ('LEJOLIVET,HUBERT')
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Better: why concat them?

WHERE UPPER (trim(p1.last_name)) = 'LEJOLIVET' and upper(trim(p1.first_name)) = ('HUBERT')